a (slewkie7447) wrote in ie_girls,

I christen thee "-ie"

Hey girls, so here's the community I started. I don't know if it will actually end up having a point, but I think it's a neat new form of unity. And we can all create our own posts, and discuss chillin' and rant about men and all that stuff. In a place solely for our the members of our society. Woo hoo! IE forever!

<3 Steph
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Steph, I love you. I was so worried a few months ago that I would lose contact with everyone, despite that we all said that we wouldn't. But I really don't think we will..we're just too close. Thanks so much for creating the community!!! I <3 it, especially the interests page. You rock!
I worry about that, too. It's kind of like sleepaway camp, where everyone says "here's my phone number and screen name! we'll keep in touch and get together and stuff", and you end up talking to people online once and then completely lose touch. But, yes, this is different. We're far too close to end up not friends forever. The universe didn't give us all names that end in "-ie" for no reason hehe.

I'm glad you like the interests page :) :) :) I thought it would be cute if it were a big conglomeration of each individual girl's interests.

Oh, and sorry that you had to "request membership". That was just for the obvious reason--not wanting random people to join haha. But I feel bad because it may seem kind of insulting :(

And I love you, too!! <3
No, it wasn't insulting at all! I wouldn't want random people looking at it either :)