a (slewkie7447) wrote in ie_girls,

Just to get the ball rolling...

Hey, so we better all be up for visiting each other next year. Otherwise, I'll feel stupid for making this post. So just humor me.

I'm going to Tufts (HEHE OH EM GEE no parents hehehe *giggle*) from September 16-18, to celebrate the half-year anniversary of Javi-Steph. The next weekend, I'm coming home with Pat.

Other than that, I'm free and it would be awesome to make some tentative plans. Anyone want to make plans to all come back for the same weekend? Have a two-day girls' night?

Are you guys coming home for Columbus Day weekend? 'Cause that would be sexy, and a great reunion possibility.
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I hate to disappoint, but I seriously doubt I'll be leaving campus before Thanksgiving :( We'll see how things go though..